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President William McKinley had been in a quandry for some time as to what to do with the Philippines. The issue preyed strongly on McKinley, a very religious man. Finally, as a visiting delegation of the General Missionary Committee of the Methodist Episcopal Church was about to leave his presence, the president called them back and explained his reasons for deciding to retain the Philippines. His reason for revealing this explanation to this particular group was apparently because it showed how his faith had guided him in the decision.

McKinley's Explanation:"Hold a moment longer! Not quite yet, gentlemen! Before you go I would like to say just a word about the Philippine business.... The truth is I didn't want the Philippines, and when they came to us as a gift from the gods, I did not know what to do with them.... I sought counsel from all sides - Democrats as well as Republicans - but got little help. I thought first we would take only Manila; then Luzon; then other islands, perhaps, also. I walked the floor of the White House night after night until midnight; and I am not ashamed to tell you, gentlemen, that I went down on my knees and prayed Almighty God for light and guidance more than one night."

"And one night late it came to me this way - I don't know how it was, but it came: (1) That we could not give them back to Spain - that would be cowardly and dishonorable; (2) that we could not turn them over to France or Germany - our commercial rivals in the Orient - that would be bad business and discreditable; (3) that we could not leave them to themselves - they were unfit for self-government - and they would soon have anarchy and misrule over there worse than Spain's was; and (4) that there was nothing left for us to do but to take them all, and to educate the Filipinos, and uplift and civilize and Christianize them, and by God's grace do the very best we could by them, as our fellow men for whom Christ also died. And then I went to bed and went to sleep and slept soundl

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Q: What were two reasons to maintain American control of the Philippines?
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What are the reasons of American Occupation in the Philippines?

the philippines is a good source of raw materials

Why does American came here in the Philippines?

For business or vacation or to marry someone. top 3 reasons there.

What reasons did McKinley give for keeping the Philippines?

President McKinley cited reasons such as the strategic location of the Philippines in relation to trade routes, the duty to educate and uplift the Filipino people, and the belief in bringing American civilization to the islands as justifications for keeping the Philippines.

What were the reasons given for and against the annexation of the Philippines?

Reasons for annexation included expanding American influence in the Pacific, acquiring new markets for trade, and spreading American ideals abroad. Reasons against annexation included concerns about violating Filipino sovereignty, the costs of maintaining a prolonged military presence in the Philippines, and ethical considerations regarding imperialism and colonization.

Anti-Imperialist League?

Objected to the annexation of the Philippines and the building of an American empire. Idealism, self-interest, racism, constitutionalism, and other reasons motivated them, but they failed to make their case; the Philippines were annexed in 1900

Reasons in favor of annexation of the Philippines?

Supporters of annexation of the Philippines believed it would provide economic opportunities for American businesses, increase U.S. influence in Asia, and promote American values such as democracy and Christianity in the region. Additionally, annexation was seen as a way to protect American interests and ensure stability in the region.

What 2 reasons were used to justify annexation of the Philippines?

The United States justified the annexation of the Philippines by citing the need for strategic military positioning in the Pacific region and the desire to bring American democratic ideals to the Filipino people.

What were the reasons supporting the annexation of the Philippines?

Supporters of the annexation of the Philippines argued that it would provide economic opportunities for American businesses, offer strategic military advantages in the Pacific region, promote American values and democracy, and fulfill a sense of moral obligation to uplift and civilize the Filipino people.

What were the reasons countries were battling to maintain power before ww1?

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Reasons why Americans came to the Philippines?

Why did the Americans take the Philippines in 1899? to mine golds in different locations in the Philippines. Encyclopedia of the Philippines have long records of it.

What are some reasons in favor of us involvement in the boxer rebellion?

One of the reasons the US was in favor of becoming involved in the Boxer Rebellion was the due to the siege of the American Consulate in Beijing. The US was also part of the Eight-Nation Alliance.

Do you agree with the Americans design to not allow the Philippines to become an independent country after the Spanish American war Give 2 specific reasons to support your opinion?

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