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Q: What weren't people in the 1950s allowed to talk about?
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What was it like to be a southern belle?

probably awful.... they wore amazingly heavy dresses and werent allowed to talk.

Why was blues played?

Because the slaves on the plantations werent allowed to talk so they sang in sadness and to communicate with one another :)

How do you converse with your girlfriend?

you talk about who you would do if you werent dating

What did the telephone do for people?

it allowed people to talk to each othe from long distances.

Are you allowed to talk about religion on the WikiAnswers message boards?

Yes, as long as you aren't spamming, insulting, or bothering people with it. But trying to convert people that don't want to talk about it isn't going to be allowed.

Were people allowed to talk on the trains going to concentration camps?


How did girls talk in the 1950s?

They talked funny and not the same as we do its true

Are amateur radio operators allowed to talk with people from Lithuania?

Yes. International code for Lithuania is LY.

How did people talk to each other in the 1950s?

They flew to the moon to get their messages out to other people, it didn't work very well though, only did it once. That's why no one talked till everyone had a phone

What are you not allowed to do in pantomime?


If you told your ex that you had a date and they said that they werent going to talk to tou anymore what does that mean?

It can vary, but most likely it means that they are jealous that you have moved on.

How did denial interfere with john Nash treatment?

denial interfered with john nash's treatment because it allowed him to continue talking to the voices and figures that werent actually there. letting himself continue to talk to them just over all made it worse for himself and made it finally harder to stop talking to them in general.