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No Dollar coins were struck for circulation in the years of: 1793-1804 to 1839/1905 to 1920/ 1929 to 1933/ 1936 to 1970/ 1981 to 1998:

Note: The 3 years of 1836-1839 Gobrecht Dollars were struck but did not circulate because of the changing weight standard for dollar coins.

Also the 1981 SBA dollar was struck but was not released for circulation, it was a mint set issue only coin.

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Q: What years did the US mint not make a dollar coin?
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Is there a 1959 100 coin?

The US Mint did not make any 100 dollar coins in 1959.

Why is there no mint stamp on my 1965 Kennedy half dollar?

The US mint did not use mint marks on the 1965 half dollar coin.

Where is mintmark on 1848 us dollar?

The mint mark on an 1848 US dollar coin can be found on the reverse side of the coin, below the eagle and above the "M" in the word "DOLLAR." If the coin was minted in Philadelphia, there will be no mint mark present, as the Philadelphia Mint did not use mint marks until 1979.

What is the 24kt presidential dollar coin worth from Franklin mint?

No numismatic value. A dollar for each coin maybe

Is there a 1789 dollar coin?

No. The earliest dollar coins made by the mint were 1794.

What is the value of a 1751 5 dollar gold coin?

The mint did not make coins in 1751. Your coin may be a private token or you maybe it's a coin from another country.

Where is the mint mark on the 1972 dollar coin?

The mint mark of the Denver Mint (shown as a "D") and the San Francisco Mint (shown as "S) on the Eisenhower Dollar is located on the obverse (heads) side of the coin directly beneath the bust of Eisenhower. If there is no mint mark there, then the coin was struck at the Philadelphia Mint and in this mint did not place a mint mark on the coins struck there until 1979.

How much is a 1972 half dollar in mint condition worth?

Even if the coin is Mint State.Most sell for less then a dollar.

Where is the mint mark on a Barber half dollar?

The mint mark is on the reverse of the coin between the tail and the D in the word dollar.

What if there is no mint mark letter above the do in dollar on an 1884 silver dollar?

No mint mark means the coin was minted in Philadelphia.

How do you tell the difference between a denver mint peace dollar and a philly one?

The Denver Mint peace dollar will have a "D" mint mark located on the reverse side, near the tail feathers of the eagle. The Philadelphia Mint peace dollar will not have a mint mark, as the Philadelphia Mint did not mark its coins with mint marks during that time period.

How do you tell where a silver dollar was made?

By the mint mark on the reverse of the coin, but silver dollar coins with no mint mark are made in Philadelphia