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Q: When did the slave rebellion happen what methods did they use?
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Did Nat turner use the court system?

Nat Turner was a slave who led an armed rebellion. He was captured, tried, convicted an executed. It is doubtful that as a slave he had any actual "use" of the court system.

Why were slaves kept from learning?

The ability of a slave to read and write meant they pass message over long distances, and use this as a means to forment rebellion.

Why did the use of slave labor in English colonies become even more common after bacon's rebellion?

Planters realized that poor, angry workers could be dangerous to have around.

What were some methods slave hunters would use to capture slave?

Slave hunters would use tactics such as tracking down runaways with bloodhounds, searching plantations and cities for escaped slaves, and sometimes even luring them with promises of freedom before capturing them and returning them to their owners. They also relied on the help of local authorities and informants to locate and apprehend fugitive slaves.

In concentration camps what happen to the people and their families?

They were separated and if it was an extermination camp, those considered unfit for use as slave labor were put to death.

What would happen if Google didn't exist?

We would simply use other search engines, or would find information by other methods.

What is the definition of rebellion?

Rebellion is an organized attempt to overthrow a government or other authority by the use of violence.

How do children use the word rebellion in a sentence?

Children may use the word "rebellion" in a sentence like, "My sister is in rebellion against our parents' rules by staying out past curfew." In this context, they are describing an act of defiance or disobedience.

Does spartacus have moral issues?

While Spartacus is portrayed as a hero in popular culture, historically he led a slave uprising against the Roman Republic. Some may view his actions as morally justified due to the oppressive system of slavery in Ancient Rome, while others may see his use of violence and rebellion as ethically questionable. Ultimately, opinions on Spartacus's moral character vary depending on perspectives and interpretations of history.

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What methods did Eddie Mabo use to protest?

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What methods should I use to look for phone?

How do you use slave in a sentence as a verb?

You can use "slave" as a verb in a sentence like "He slaved away in the kitchen all day preparing the meal for the family."