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Haiti was established as a Republic in 1804 after former African slaves established independence from France.

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Q: When was Haiti established as a country?
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What country owned Haiti?

Haiti is an independent country.

When was Haiti established?


What country is Haiti part of?

Haiti is part of the country of Hispaniola, sharing the island with the Dominican Republic.

Is haiti a Caribbean country?

Yes, Haiti is a country in the Carribean.

Is Haiti a continent?

No, Haiti is a country.

What country is the Haiti earthquake in?


Which which country haiti bel ong?

I think Haiti IS a country itself...

Is Haiti a part of a country?

Haiti is a country and it is on the island of Hispanola. To the east of Haiti is the Dominican Republic, on the same island.

What are the country for Haiti?

Haiti is it's own country and it is an independant country therefore it is not part of a continent

Is Haiti indripendent?

Haiti is an independent country.

Is Haiti in the US?

No, Haiti is an independent country.

Is Haiti a country or Island?

Haiti is mostly an Island but it is a country. so its both:)