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Stacy Adams Shoe Company was created in 1875.

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Q: When was Stacy Adams Shoe Company created?
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When was Jimmy Shoe created?

Jimmy Shoe was created on 2009-04-06.

Who invented Converse shoes?

Chuck Taylor is credited as the inventor of the converse all-star shoe though it was created originally four years before he joined the company. Chuck Taylor did however improve the shoe greatly making it the shoe we love today. As a thank you, the Converse company decided to add TAylor's siggy to the ankle patch label surrounding the famous five-point star.

What was the original name for Converse shoes?

The original name is Converse Rubber Shoe Company

Who founded the shoe and boot selling company The Frye Company?

The Frye company was founded on March 10th, 1863 by John A. Frye. The original store was on Elm Street in Marlboro, Massachusetts and sold working shoes for factory workers.

Did marquis mills converse invent converse?

from the book - Products and Advertising in the Massachusetts Industrial Age - by Chaim M. Rosenberg Vulcanized rubber found many commercial uses, not least in the footwear industry. In 1853, Elisha Slade Converse and his older brother James formed the Boston Rubber Shoe Company in the village of Malden, a few miles north of Boston. The company made rubber shoes and rubber overshoes for the winter slush. It grew to 3,500 workers and became the largest employer in the town. In 1882, Elisha Converse was elected the first mayor of Malden. His generosity to the town is seen in the First Baptist Church and the Converse Public Library, which he funded. In 1908, Malden became the home of a second rubber shoe company. It was founded by Marquis Mills, who took his mother's last name, Converse, and called his company the Converse Rubber Shoe Company, no doubt to capitalize on the famous name. Converse Rubber Shoe grew with the expanding interest in sports. The Converse Rubber line of sports shoes included the Chuck Taylor All Star basketball sneaker. Both the Boston Rubber Shoe and the Converse Rubber Shoe companies were later bought out by larger firms, and the shoemaking finally left Malden in the 1930s.

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Who founded the Stacy Adams Shoe company?

William H. Stacy and Henry L. Adams were the original founders of the Stacy Adams Shoe Company. The started the company in Brockton, Massachusetts in 1875.

How long has the Stacy Adams Shoe Company been in business?

The Stacy Adams Shoe Company is a premier shoe company that makes men's shoes. It was founded in 1875 in Brockton, Massachusetts by William H. Stacy and Henry L. Adams.

Are Stacy Adams and Stacy Baldwin the same?

Different shoe companies, Stacy Adams are mostly made in India, while Stacy Baldwin are made in Mexico.

Which gender does Stacy Adams Shoes market to?

Stacy Adams Shoes is an experienced shoe company that makes shoes for men in different styles, sizes and colors. Their shoes could be bought from many different online stores such as Macy's and Shoe Mall.

What is the most expensive pair of Stacy adams shoes ever?

Stacy Adams shoes are sold at most retailers, including DSW, Macys, and Dillards. Her shoes range in price, but the average cost is $40. The most expensive Stacy Adams shoe is a mens shoe that cost $120.

Does Stacy Adams make dance shoes?

No, Stacy Adams does no make dance shoes. Stacy Adams focuses on classic, contemporary and casual show wear. Its a male shoe brand as well as boys and clothing too.

When was The Shoe Company created?

The Shoe Company was created in 1992.

When was Bacup Shoe Company created?

Bacup Shoe Company was created in 1928.

When was Patrick - shoe company - created?

Patrick - shoe company - was created in 1892.

When was Alden Shoe Company created?

Alden Shoe Company was created in 1884.

When was Kreider Shoe Manufacturing Company created?

Kreider Shoe Manufacturing Company was created in 1905.

When was Badger State Shoe Company created?

Badger State Shoe Company was created in 1910.