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Coal isn't used all that much anymore. but some of the top mining areas in the US are PA, WV, Kentucky, VA, ND, and Wyoming.

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Q: Where is coal used the most in the US?
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What is the most used energy source in the US?

Its coal and hydrogen

What products are mined and used the most in the US?

oil coal gas

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What product is used to make the most electricity?

Coal makes the most electricity - 49 percent in the US

Is natural gas the most used energy source in the US natural gas?

No, coal is.

How is coal used by us humans?

Coal is used for electricity and industrial uses

What energy resource is most commonly used to make electricity in US?

Coal. Coal fired plant generate the bulk of IS electricity making.

What is the most abundant fossil fuel in the us?

The US has the world's largest supply of coal.

What is the energy source used to generate most electricity?

Coal is the most used source for electricity in the US. World wide, other countries, I don't know.

What is the source of the most electricity in the US?


What is the most plentiful fossil in the US?