Where was the battle of kaskaskia?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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The battle of kaskaskia was a battle in the revolutionary war in the west with the general George Rogers Clark on the American side. The battle was an American victory.

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Q: Where was the battle of kaskaskia?
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Who was the American leader for kaskaskia battle?

I believe the American leader in the Kaskaskia battle was George Rogers Clark.

When was the battle of Kaskaskia?

On 1778

How many were killed in the battle of kaskaskia?


Who won fort kaskaskia and fort vincennes?

George Rogers Clark captured Forts Kaskaskia and Vincennes

Who was the British commander at the battle of kaskaskia?

big black nigua

Who was the british general in the battle of kaskaskia?

The British general that was leading troops during the Battle of Kaskaskia was William Howe. The British troops surrendered to General George Rogers Clark who led the American troops in this battle.

How many days did the Battle of Kaskaskia last?

The battle was fought for 215 days. It was fought on July 1778 - February 1779.

Where did the kaskaskia's tribe live?


What river was the battle of kaskaskia fought on?

Mississippi river. I believe... On July 4, 1778. George Rogers Clark was the commander.

When did Kaskaskia become the capital?

Kaskaskia Became the capital in 1818.

How old is the kaskaskia river?

The age of the kaskaskia river is not known.

When was Kaskaskia Baptist Association created?

Kaskaskia Baptist Association was created in 1912.