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Political Parties do not have presidents. They have representatives, but not presidents.

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Q: Which political party has the least presidents?
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What is the political party for the first five presidents?


Which political Party has had the most presidents in a row?

Beats me. 3?

Which political party did three of four assassinated presidents belong?


Presidents will often choose federal judges from?

their own political party

Which presidents had both houses of Congress controlled by his political party?


What is the presidents responsibility to is political party?

Chief of PartyHe's Democratic or Republican and makes decisions regarding the make-up of his individual political party.

Where do the presidents often choose federal judges from?

Presidents often choose federal judges from their own political party.

Who were the presidents with no party?

George Washington was the only U. S. President who was not representing a political party when elected.

Do most members of the cabinet come from the presidents political party?

Yes, as a rule.

What political party was Millard Fillmore?

Fillmore was a Whig. He was the last of four Whig presidents.

Which political party is least likely to participate in politics?

The Dead Party.

An example of the presidents political power is?

to be head of the political party i think ain't sure guys!! Its to Pardon a Prisoner(NovaNet)