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Abraham Lincoln

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Q: Which president was nicknamed Honest Abe?
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Who got the nickname 'Honest Abe'?

Abraham Lincoln was nicknamed Honest Abe.

Was Abraham Lincoln ever nicknamed Dr Abe?

no it was honest Abe

What was Abe's real name?

Abraham Lincoln is his real name.FYI:Also they nicknamed him 'Honest Abe'.

Why did peole call Lincoln honest Abe?

Earlier in his life, Lincoln was an unsuccessful merchant. He failed at that, but vowed he would repay every cent he owed. He did, and that is how he was nicknamed "Honest Abe".

Railsplitter president nickname?

"Honest Abe"

What day is president day on?

Honest Abe's

Nickname of president lincoln?

'Honest Abe'

Which president is known as being very honest?

"Honest Abe" Lincoln

What is Honest Abe's real name?

Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the USA.

Which president is known as honest Abe?

Abraham Lincoln

What president birthday is on presidents day?

Honest Abe's

Which president was nicknamded Honest Abe?

Abraham Lincoln