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Which state was not a buffer zones between the North and the South

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Q: Which state was not a buffer zone between the North and the South?
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Which state was not a buffer zones between the North and the South?

West Virginia

What is in country is between china and South Korea?

North Korea. China likes it this way, which is why they prop up North Korea as a communist buffer state between themselves and U.S.-backed South Korea.

What country has functioned as a buffer state between Russia and China?

Mongolia has historically functioned as a buffer state between Russia and China, maintaining its independence between the two powerful neighbors. Its location has helped Mongolia navigate its relationship with both countries while preserving its sovereignty.

A country that can be identified as a classic buffer state?

Buffer state is a country between to competing regions. The buffer states in Asia are: Mongolia, North Korea, Sultanate of Aceh, Siam, Far Eastern Republic, Afghanistan, Tibet, and the Himalayans.

Which state is between North Carolina and Georgia?

Between Georgia and what??? Between Georgia and Florida is well, nothing - they touch each other. Between Georgia and North Carolina is South Carolina. Between Georgia and Mississippi is Alabama.

Why after the war of 1812 did tensions increase between the north and south?

The north opposed slavery; the south supported it. The north and the south began to argue about what state would be a free state and what state would be a slave state.

What does buffer state mean?

A buffer state is generally interpreted as a state that lies between two hostile states

Is Mongolia a buffer state?

Mongolia is a perfect example of a buffer state, as it rests between China and Russia. A buffer state is housed between two large and hostile powers.

Why is Afghanistan considered a Buffer State?

A buffer state is a country lying between two rival or potentially hostile greater powers, which by its sheer existence is thought to prevent conflict between them.Afghanistan was a buffer-state between the British Empire (which ruled much of South Asia) and Russian Empire (which ruled much of Central Asia) during the Anglo-Russian conflicts in Asia during the 19th century.

What state is between North Carolina and Georgia?

South Carolina is located between North Carolina and Georgia.

Is the state of North Dakota north or south of the state of South Dakota?

The state of North Dakota is north (or above) the state of South Dakota.

What is the state below Nebraska?

South Dakota is the state which is located between North Dakota and Nebraska.