Who is on the front of a penny?

Updated: 9/11/2023
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Abraham Lincoln

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Q: Who is on the front of a penny?
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What is the date on the back of a penny?

the date of a penny is on the front

What is the front wheel of a penny farthing bike?

The big wheel is the front.

Is George Washington on the penny?

No, George Washington is not on the penny. Abraham Lincoln is featured on the front (obverse) of the penny.

What is on the front penny?

It's the portrait of LINCOLN

What does the front of the penny vbb?

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What wheel turns the penny farthing?

The front wheel on a penny farthing does both drive and steering.

Whos on the front of a penny?

Anthb is a dick! I hate him!

What are the letters on front shirt of Lincoln on the penny?

They are the initials of the man who designed the Lincoln penny, Victor David Brenner.

Most valuble penny in the US?

the most valuable is the penny in the us has a head on the front and back hope this helped :) :) :) :) :)

Who's initials are VDB on the penny?

These initials belong to Victor David Brenner. He designed the front of a Lincoln penny.

Who is on the 1911 penny?

In the U.S., from 1909 to 1958, the Wheat Penny was coined with Abraham Lincoln on the front, and ears of wheat on the back.

What was on the front of the penny prior?

Before the Lincoln penny (1909 - when he would have been 100 years old) it was a Native American.