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lord north

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Q: Who said Oh God it's all over around American Revolution time?
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Father of American Revolution?

The Father of the American Revolution is said to be Thomas Paine. He is the author of the pamphlet Common Sense.

Why women fought in the American Revolution?

no because the people said no

What did Harry Lee do in the American revolution?

he said that the british were coming

Who said Better well done than well said?

it was by Benjamin Franklin during the American revolution.

Why was the American revolution more successful than the french revolution?

cause u said so

Why is the battle at lexington and concord said to be the start of the American revolution?

first shots of war

How Thomas Paine contributed to the American revolution?

because they want it so go away he said

What group said that the people would rule not the king during the American revolution?

Samuel Williams

Cycle solstice rotation revolution Which of these words means 'orbit'?

Revolution. The Earth can be said to orbit the sun or to revolve around it.

Who said''I have not yet begun to fight''?

John Paul Jones said this when asked to surrender his ship during the American Revolution.

Who did the Cherokees side with during the American Revolution?

The British because they said if they won, they would give the Cherokee land.

Who was a seamtress who made several flags for the American Revolution?

Betsy Ross was said to have made the first official U.S. flag.