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Q: Who was secretary of war during the administration of the first president US?
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What position did Jefferson hold in Washington's administration?

In Washington's administration Thomas Jefferson was the Secretary of State. Thomas Jefferson was the first United States Secretary of State and he was the 3rd President of the United States of America.

What was Alexander Hamilton's role in the President's cabinet?

Alexander Hamilton's role in President Washington's administration was that of Secretary of the Treasury. This was one of the most powerful roles anyone could play in the administration and allowed Hamilton a primary role in authoring economic policies.

What cabinet positions did Thomas Jefferson appiont?

secretary of state in the first administration of George Washington, later he himself did become the president.

Did PresidentZachary Taylor created a cabinet position during his administration?

Zachary Taylor was the first president to have a Secretary of the Interior. However, he did not create the cabinet position or the Interior Department. The Interior Department was created by Congress in 1849.

What Democrat was nominated three times for the office of President between 1896 and 1912?

William Jennings Bryan, who won the Democratic Party's nomination for president in 1896, 1900 and 1908. He later served as secretary of state during the first administration of President Woodrow Wilson from 1913 to 1916.

Who holds each of these officials in the US today the president the vice president the Secretary of State the secretary of the treasury the secretary of defense in the attorney General?

As of April 2013, the U.S. president is Barack Obama, who is serving his second 4-year term as president. His Vice President is Joseph (Joe) Biden, who was vice president during his first term as well. There is a new secretary of state-- John Kerry. The secretary of the treasury is also new-- Jacob Lew. The secretary of defense is new as well-- Chuck Hagel. And the attorney general is the same as during Mr. Obama's first term, Eric Holder.

For what is Catherine Austin Fitts most famous?

Catherine Austin Fitts is most famous for serving as Assistant Secretary of Housing at HUD during the first Bush administration. Catherine was also the founder and president of Hamilton Securities Group.

What were two of the program's President Roosevelt put into place during his first year in office?

social security administration Public works administration

The first President to serve as both President and Vice President?

John Adams was the first President to serve as both Vice President (under George Washington), then President. Historians add his administration along with two-term George Washington to make the "Federalist Era". He was a one-term president (as was his son, John Quincy Adams). From John Adam's presidency through John Quincy Adam's administration, the Secretary of State will become elected the presidency during the time some call the era of Congressional "King Caucus" nominating presidents.

Who was the first vice president who did not become president?

Aaron Burr, who was a democratic-republican. He was in office during the Thomas Jefferson administration from 1801-1805.

Who holds the Position of Secretary of State?

During President Obama's first term, it was Hillary Clinton. During his second term, it is John Kerry.

Who were the first secretary of state and secretary of treasury?

The first secretary of state was Thomas Jefferson, and he was also the fifth president. The first secretary of treasury was Alexander Hamilton.