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Actually, WWll started in 1939 the president was Franklin D. Roosevelt.

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Q: Who was the us president when ww11 began?
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President of ww11?

Isaiah brown

Who was the president during ww11?

of what country mate?

What US President began Prohibition?

Herbert Hoover

US president when World War two began?

Franklin Roosevelt was the US President when WW 2 started.

Who was the WW11 general who was elected president of the U.S in 1952?

Dwight David Eisenhower

Who was US president when WW2 began.?

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Who was the US president when WW2 began?

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Who was the us president when the Afghanistan intervention began?

George W. Bush.

He began life as a king and ended up a US president Who is this?


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Abraham Lincoln

Who was president of the US when the great depression began?

Herbert Hoover was president when it became obvious that the economy was in a depression.

Who was the 1st president of the US during the 21st century?

Bill Clinton was the president when the 21st century began.