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Q: Why Richmond would be a better capital than williamsburg?
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What were the capitals during the civil war?

The capital of the US. during the Civil War remained Washington DC, just as it was during the outset of the war. However, Abraham Lincoln had to declare martial law in Maryland to prevent the state from seceding and joining the Confederacy. That would have left his capital surrounded by hostile territory and probably would have forced the US. government to relocate.

Why was the battle of Petersburg important to the civil war?

It was the most vital transportation hub for the capital at Richmond. Petersburg was twenty two miles south of Richmond. It became a fortress for the Confederate capital. Three railroads and a dozen highways all converged at Petersburg. Its loss would cut Richmond off from the rest of the nation.

Why was capturing the capital of the Confederacy in Richmond so difficult for the Union to accomplish?

The reason the capturing of the Confederacy capital in Richmond was so difficult for the Union to accomplish was because it was so well guarded. The Confederate Army, protected it because they felt the Confederacy would fall if Richmond fell.

What major goal did President Lincoln expect Major General McClellan to accomplish in the Spring of 1862?

General McClellan was urged by President Lincoln to attack the Confederate capital of Richmond, Virginia. Lincoln believed that the fall of the Rebels' capital city would lead directly to the war's end. McClellan also believed the rebellion could be ended quickly if the Rebel capital of Richmond was captured. The idea of attacking the "center of gravity" as Clausewitz would advise, was one key to victory. Lincoln preferred that McClellan plan for a southerly march on Richmond. McClellan convinced Lincoln that a flanking attack would better serve the goal of capturing the Confederate capital. This was the famous Peninsula Campaign where Union troops would land on the peninsula east of Richmond and attack the city from the east. His landing position would have placed him closer to Richmond than a march from Washington DC or Alexandria.

What is cities served as capital of the confederate states of America?

Georgia ,savanna Florida, Miami The Confederate States had two capitol's unless you count Danville, VA and then you would have three. The first was Montgomery, AL and the second was Richmond, VA. After Richmond was captured President Davis was in Danville for a short time.

What is the halfway point between Hartford Ct and Richmond VA?

The half-way point would be roughly 231 miles. Woodbury, NJ puts you at 217 miles into the trip. Wilmington DE puts you 244 miles into the trip.

Why did the Union army try to push past the Confederate army to Richmond Virginia?

Richmond was the Confederate capital. The Union figured that if they just pushed through Lee's forces and captured their capital, the Confederates would have to surrender. Of course, they were pushed back every time until 1865 when Grant finally reached the most ultimate goal of capturing the Confederate capital.

Why did Virginia have so many battles fought in it?

The Union capital at Washington and the Confederate capital at Richmond were separated by only about 100 miles, with all of that distance in Virginia. It was natural that most of the battles would be fought in this short area.

Why did the North want to capture Richmond?

US President Lincoln and his cabinet believed that if Richmond was captured early in the war, it would bring the end of the rebellion very quickly. The capture of Richmond would have been a severe blow to the morale of the Confederates and also weaken President Davis' diplomatic relations with England and France. Also, Richmond was a major arms producer and the logistical and command center for the South. Lincoln was sure that all of Virginia would then fall and Union troops could continue their drive into North Carolina. The loss of Richmond, along with the state of Virginia and the occupation of North Carolina, would lead to the end of the Confederacy.

What was the initial plan of Union General John Pope to capture Richmond?

In August of 1862 General John Pope planned to cut the supply line to Richmond, before driving on to assault the Southern capital. By cutting the rail link of the Virginia Central railroad, the line of supply from the Shenandoah Valley to Richmond would be broken.

What is Richmond in French?

Richmond in French is "Richmond". It doesn't change in French, as it is a proper noun.

How did Richmond burn down?

The reason Richmond was burned down by the union.the Union thought the confederate states would lose everything by burning down their capital...the confederate states would have no supplies or shelters to store inso the union had won the civil war by burning down Richmond