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they didnt work becuz they felt that people lower than them had to do their work for them. they wanted gold but they didnt want to look for it themselves.

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Q: Why did gentlemen not work in Jamestown?
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Which is the best description of the first settlers in Jamestown?

Gentlemen who were unprepared for hard work.

Describe the type people that made up Jamestown colony?

there were the "gentlemen" arrogant and unwilling to do work the captain, captain smith, and the commoners the opposite of the "gentlemen"

Majority of Jamestown's colonists did not like to work as they were?

Most of Jamestown's early colonists were wealthy gentlemen who were more accustomed to a life of leisure than manual labor. They were unprepared for the physical challenges and hard work required to establish a successful colony in the New World. This contributed to high mortality rates and early struggles in Jamestown's history.

Who saved the Jamestown colony?

John Smith, a harsh and brutal ruler who forced the colonial "gentlemen" to work hard for the good of the colony, is generally said to have saved Jamestown.

What did Jackson tell Alana about the gentlemen at Jamestown?


What was the government of Jamestown?

the gentlemen of England were sort of mayors of the settlement ,

What best describes most of the early Jamestown settlers?

Gentlemen who were unprepared for hard work.

What happened to the first americans brought to Jamestown in 1619?

Most of the Americans brought to Jamestown in the beginning died of diseases,food, and not having warm shelter. Most of them were gentlemen who were looking for quick money. They did not how to survive in the wilderness.

How many gentlemen arrived at Jamestown in the first supply?

47 from the original settlers in may 1607 and 28 in the 1st resupply in January 1608

What are gentlemen's hours?

Late morning start, eg. at work. At an hour that gentlemen begin, as distinct from manual labourers.

Gentlemen were not expected to work with what?

Gentlemen were not expected to work with their hands or in manual labor. Their role was often associated with positions of authority, education, or leadership that did not require physical labor.

What is the reason for Jamestown and Plymouth settlement?

the settlers from Plymouth were searching for religious freedom. They wanted to freely practice their puritan religion without any struggles with the governments disapproval or disagreement. the settlers from Jamestown were mostly made up of gentlemen seeking fortune.