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France and Great Britain attacked Hitler because of Hitler took over rest of Poland and broke the peace agreement. us got involved in ww2 because japan attacked us pearl harbor the US Military base so on December 7th 1941 congress allowed roosvelt to attack on japan and be involved in ww2.


France got involved in WWII because Nazi Germany invaded them.


France and Britain declared war against Germany together when the Germans invaded Poland on the 1st of September 1939. I think they declared war a day or two later.



Hitler stormed the Magino line (getting through the unprotected forest region) and started kicking France's rear end with his very successful 'blitzkrieg' troops. Without Hitler there would not have been a war.


1) They had an alliance with Czechoslovakia.

2) They also had an alliance with Poland. When Poland got attacked by Hitler the french and Britain's had to help Poland fight.

3) They declared war when Germany ignored their demands to crease its attack and withdraw.


France became invilved in WWII when Hitler got smart and,instead of going through the "invincible" wall that France set up after WWI between them and Germany, he went around through Poland. That's when Britain declared WA and soon afterwards because of the threat of invasion so did France.


France felt like getting into it.

The USA got involved in World War 2 because of Pearl Harbor.

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Q: Why did the USA get involved in World War 2?
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