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The United States aligned themselves with the United Nations. It also became over involved with the Cold War. The US fought in Korea and the Viet Nam war in response to the Cold War. There were other small skirmishes until the Gulf War and Gulf War 2.

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Q: What wars did the US get involved with after World War 2 ended?
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Was Mogadishu involved with World War 2?

Yes, every country was involved with the world wars. That is why they are called world wars.

What wars did Italy participate in?

The country of Italy has participated in various wars. They were involved in World War I and World War II.

What wars was Hitler involved in?

World War I World War II Afganistan War(After 2001) Plus many small wars in its country

The Punic Wars involved in the city of?

The Punic Wars were three wars between Rome and Carthage. The third war ended with the sack and destruction of Carthage.

What wars has Germny been involved in?

Franco-Prussian War, World War 1 and World War 2.

Where was the last war Switzerland was involved?

The Napoleonic wars. These ended in 1815. Since then Switzerland has been neutral and not involved in any wars. There have been a few short civil wars in the 1800's.

What was the war called that the Americans bombed the japenses with a atomic bomb and it ended the world wars?

World War 2 :)

What were the major wars in France?

France has been involved in a few major wars that i can think of, they are: The French revolution World war I World war II French- Indian war and France has been involved in other minor wars but these are the major ones! Hope this helps(:

What wars was King Henry II involved in?

world war 1

What wars are Norway involved in after World War 1?

all of em'

What was the treay of verssailles?

In reference to the World Wars, the Treaty of Versailles was the treaty that ended World War I.

Why is the first and second world wars called world wars?

Because it was involved of the whole world at war, America, Europe, Asia, Oceanic and Africa had effects from the wars