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Q: Why was juan cabrillo's exploration so important?
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Why was Jacques Cartier ' s exploration so important?

why was Jacques Carter era of exploration so important

Why is exploration so important?

cos no1 else wants to

What was so important about the exploration of Jose de san Martin?

He is important because he was a American farter

Why was Giovanni da verrazano discovery or exploration so important?

Giovanni da Varazzano's exploration was important because he claimed land that was actually New York Bay.

Why was exploration so important to Portugal?

It was an eaiswe to transport goods Instead of going on foot

Why was the San Juan Mission so important to California?

because it was the first mission ever built.

Why did Henry the navigator believe European exploration was so important?

it because he was responsible for European worldwide exploration

Why is Juan ponce DE Leon so important to us?

none knows if u dont know

What impact on the world did Henry the navigator have?

Because of him, Portugal became the first country to explore. If he didn't start the "school of navigation" there would be no exploration. So he is the most important.

Why was the development of cartography so important during the age of exploration?

Explorers were able to use accurate maps to reach their destinations.

Juan Ponce de Leon's motives for exploration?

tomatoes, and bananas also just so u know his family was poor and he was selfish and didn't want to share his food with his OWN family.... sad right?

What is the Chamorro to English translation of gof disatento hao Juan?

You are so disrespectful, Juan.