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No. US games are NTSC while Australian consoles only play PAL games. I think that Australian consoles should work with European, Indian, Chinese and Brazilian games but not American, Canadian or Japanese.

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Q: Are US format Wii games compatible with Australian consoles?
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Are US format wii games compatible with UK consoles?


Are Australian Wii games compatible with American Wii consoles?

nah soz. the wii region locked so you cant play games from different countries

List of ps2 games compatible with ps3?

No PS2 games are compatible with PS3s having only 2 USB ports. The other consoles vary the games that they will play with less being compatible for different regions and consoles

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Can the Xbox360 play games from other consoles?

No, only certain backward-compatible Xbox games.

Can ps2 games be compatible for the standard Playstation 3?

No except for early PS3 consoles that had 4 USB ports PS3 consoles can not play PS2 games.

Do British PS3 games play on Australian PS3 consoles?

yes :)

Does south African games work in Australian consoles?

it depends on the console

Do video games from china work on English games consoles?

No, as Asia has their format of encoding the games, and English consoles have their own. This also applies to English games on an Asian game console.

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Do Australian DS games work on an English DS?

Yes, DS games and consoles are not region locked.

How can you play American playstaion games on Australian consoles?

the only difference between the consoles is how to plug the console into the tv and the wall, other than that there is no difference at all between the styles, im Australian and i play games from America on my ps2