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Not necessarily.

A need is something an individual requires to survive or to be happy.

A need can be ignored to a certain point. A need for food, water, warmth and shelter are the basic needs, but a human can have a need also for acceptance, self - expression and comfort among other things.

A drive is a feeling, a strong emotion to act, often biochemically induced.

for example a mating drive is hormonally induced and it makes the individual to think, want and act on mating. Nothing cannot much interfere if the drive is strong.

Many animals have the drive to migrate. Humans can have many kinds of drives, most based on the basic surviving; to work, to provide for the family, to succeed.

When a person lacks all drives, he is usually called depressed. A drive is almost a synonym to motivation for humans.

BUT, are needs always positively corellated with drives? Not always. Sometimes a drive cannot fill a need, a drive tries to fill a need, but circumstances may prevent the success.

Also, if a person is depressed, a drive does not start even if the individual is in need (of something).

Also a result of a drive is not always positive one. Some drive to kill, only to realize one kill was not enough and they want more. In situations like this a drive creates a need and thus is a negative influence on the need.

Humans do this very often and create a visious loop of drive feeding the need, long after the actual physical need is filled. Overeating for exmple.

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Q: Are needs positively corellated with drives?
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