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i woold say that mod zombie is the best blod mod

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Q: Are there any good blood mods out for cod 4?
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Are there any good blood mods for cod 4?

i woold say that mod zombie is the best blod mod

How do you become a hacker for cod black ops?


How do you get mods for cod black ops?

actually you can just youtube it :)

Where do you buy Mods for cod 5?

If you put a loaded revolver to your head and pull the trigger you will be taken to a place that sells mods 24/7. try it out.

How do you make mods for cod black ops with steam beta tool?

YouTube it or goggle it

How do you get zombie warfare for call of duty 4 whit no mods?

Don't play COD.

What is a good first person shooter game with no blood?

CoD black ops :)

What are good 4 plus player PC games?

COD WAW has to be my favorite, just because of the zombies and there is plenty of mods to use. A few more are, Dead Island (Any One), LittleBigPlanet, Payday, Borderlands, and Left 4 Dead.

What is the name of the the glitch to get god mode in cod zombies?

You can't unless you actually get 'Mods' from your computer or Laptop..

What is the best website to get cheatcodes for black ops?

really there arent any cheats fro cod black ops only mods and hacks which can get you banned off of PSN so i dnt recomend that.

How do you mod cod?

Modifying (mods) the game is done with softwares and hacking is done through flash drives and or the console straight

What are the madness interactive espionage mod cheats?

They are a system of COD MODS aimbots,wall hacks and even mid menus