Are there games like Fate and Diablo but free?

Updated: 10/24/2022
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Try a game called TORCHLIGHT.

yeah but I've got that too.

any other suggestions?

I can't think of any others that are free. You could try Sacred or Titan's Quest. They have been around for a few years so are likely not too expensive anymore.

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Q: Are there games like Fate and Diablo but free?
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Are there any games like World of Warcraft?

fate and warhammer onlinemay i suggest runescape the free online game

Is there any games like Guild Wars?

diablo world of worldcraft and my most recommended aion if you mean online for free in your browser sherwood dungeon

Is there any games like Diablo?

There are plenty. One of my favorites is Drakensang. There is a site that lists and directs you to games like Diablo too. Its called I will post the link below. I hope it points you in the right direction!

Can you get diablo 2 and expansion for free while not to buying or downloading from utorrent?

At this time the Diablo 2 and Expansion Pack are for buying only. There is highly unlikely that their will be free any time soon. Blizzard still asks for money on games they did about 15 years ago like "Black Throne" or "The Lost Vikings". You can always buy the Diablo 2 and Expansion Pack on the online Blizzard store, or at a retail store. The prices are not that big, and you can always find them for a really good price on Amazon or Ebay kind of online stores. (At the time I wrote the answer, I found an online deal for CD-key's for both games at 10$) I've added the Blizzard store link for the Diablo games and stuff.

Where can one download Diablo 2?

Please remember that downloading games illegally is a crime. Diablo 2 can be downloaded legally from many different websites. Check out websites like brothersoft, Amazon or the like.

Were Cassius' and Brutus' deaths the work of fate or free will?

They both committed suicide, which sounds like an act of free will.

How do you make a diablo?

what do you mean?? how do you make a game that looks like diablo??

What PC game has a character most like a Necromancer from Diablo 2?

You could try some other RPG games for the same experience. NOX is an example for a game that has classes similar to Diablo 2 including the necromancer.

Where Can you get Free Diablo 3 Gold Just become the member of Salediablo3com and like their facebook page you could get the presents of 500K Diablo 3 Gold immediately?

You got tricked into liking a liar/scammer's page. There's no reward, they're just trying to get more people to like their page. No one will give you free gold, you've got to work for it in-game.

Will Diablo 3 be a pay to play game like World of Warcraft?

No, you just buy it like the other ones and you can play online for free but internet charges still count

What kind of game is Diablo 3 Like is it like a League of Legends or HoN type game Or like WoW Or totally different I have no idea I have never played a Diablo game in my life?

Diablo 3 is made by the same people who made WoW so its kinda like it but not a mmorpg

Does runescape ruin your other games like diablo?

That is hardly likely. Nothing gets installed on your computer if you run RuneScape - except that you need Java installed.