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Actually you are on the planet Poptropica, and to get into space you will need the crashed saucer Excalibur, in the mud field past the old mill.

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Q: Astro Knights Island How do you get off the planet Earth?
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Where is Poptropica the game?

The game is played on the Poptropica website (, and includes several separate solitaire adventures, each labeled as a separate "island". As shown on Astro Knights Island, Poptropica is actually a planet, but has the same history as Earth.

On Astro Knights Island if you leave space to go to Arturus where is your spaceship?

If you land on earth with your space ship, it will be on top of the castle waiting for you!

Where is space on Poptropica and how do you get to it?

"Space" in Poptropica is in Astro-Knights Island. You must complete the section of the island on Earth, which enables you to travel to the moon. You can build a spaceship there and travel throughout space!! Have fun!!

Where is the ice planet on astro nights poptropica?

It is Southeast of earth.

If ship left on planet how do you get back poptropica astro nights?

You go to the earth like planet and click on it

Is Earth an island?

No. It is a planet.

What is the largest island on the planet?

I guess Earth because it is the only planet that has a island

How can you return to outer space from earth in astro island?

Get in your space ship and fly down to earth

Where is the blimp on astro-kights island on poptropica?

The Poptropica blimp is by the Museum on Main Street (Village Square). To get to it, you would normally have to return to the planet Poptropica, to Arturus, where your spaceship parks on top of the castle.Quick Escape from SpaceHowever, if you get the Haunted House card, free from the Store, you can leave Astro Knights directly. (You just cannot return to space until you retrieve your spaceship at the castle.) Select the card from your Store Items and enter the Haunted House game. Leave again right away through the hole, and you will be in the Poptropica Blimp on the island map.

How do you leave an island in Poptropica?

Go to Main Street on the island and climb the rope to the Poptropica blimp. If you are on Astro Knights, return to the kingdom of Arturus on the planet Poptropica. Your spaceship will park on top of the castle. If you are on Time Tangled Island, use the Lab (12 o'clock) setting to return to Pendulum's Lab on Main Street. To leave any island directly (see above), get the Haunted House card from the Poptropica Store. Unlike "Dr. Hare's Lab" or "Earth Day", entering and leaving the Haunted House will not return you to where you were, but to the island map.

What is Jamaica on planet earth?

It's a country and an island.

IS Easter Island a real island?

Yes, on planet Earth in the Southern Pacific Ocean.