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Be invited, or so the myths say.

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Q: Before entering a strangers house a vampire must?
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What must a vampire do before entering a strangers house?

They have to be invited in before they can enter. So don't invite any strangers in your house until you know that s/he isn't a vamp.

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To lock and unlock the house locks that keep burglars and strangers from entering your house anytime they feel like.

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A full of strangers

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The duration of House of Strangers is 1.68 hours.

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House of Strangers was created on 1949-07-01.

Which religions have to take off their shoes when entering their place of worship?

Removing shoes before entering a house is usually a cultural rather than a religious tradition. It is common to many Eastern countries, as well as Scandinavia. However, some religions require removing shoes before entering a house of worship or a temple. Muslims remove their shoes before entering a mosque, Hindus remove shoes before entering a temple, and Sikhs remove shoes before entering a gurudwara.

What do you do before walking into a Japanese house?

Before entering a Japanese house, it is customary to remove your shoes and put on slippers provided at the entrance. This is done to keep the home clean as shoes are considered dirty from outside. It is also polite to greet the hosts with a bow and say "sumimasen" (excuse me) before entering.

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The answer is seven, seven strangers

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What is the dua for entering the house?

== == == == == ==

How do you get a vampire to your house?

Inviting them in.