Best gun in cod4

Updated: 10/20/2022
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The best gun wold have to be the P90 Silenced with USP and RPG, Stopping Power and Extreme Conditioning

But you may think different...............

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Q: Best gun in cod4
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What gun is on the cover of COD4?

a ak47 with gernade launcher

What is the rubish gun on cod4?

I think you mean kalishnagov.

Best Call of Duty classes?

How do you get the ACOG scope on cod4?

depending on the gun, there is different challenges for the gun, (10 headshots, etc.)

What is the best fully automatic gun with low recoil in COD4?

The best gun that is fully ato and almost no recoil is the AK-74 with silencer and if you use over kill with 50.CAL claymores and iron lungs AK-74 silencer

What is the best cod4 class?

This would really be an opinion, but it depends on what you are looking for. For example, a .50 cal sniper is good for longrange, or ak47 for a good machine gun.

What is the easiest golden gun to get in COD4?

The easiest gold gun to get is the gold desert eagle, you reach it when you turn to level 55.

Who likes cod4 for ps3?

its has gold guns and it is the best THE BEST

Who is the best at COD4?

Who is the Best at COD4 is a matter of opinion. If you own COD4 just go online and check the leader board. Depending on what console you own it on will produce different results.This question has now been protected due to repeated vandal attacks. This is the most neutral, balanced answer.

Best 360 game?

cod 6 mw2 cod5 cod4

What is the best sniper on cod4?

ben rosser awsome with m40 acog blue tiger

How do you use the asset Manager to make a RPG assault rifle for COD4?

Do mean how do u get the grenade launcher? Cause theres no RPG assault rifle on cod4. If so you need to unlock it by completing that specific guns tasks e.g. kill 100 people with that gun. Once you unlock it go to create a class and select that gun and choose the add-on you want.