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Q: Can't get into my red samsonite tsa 007 case as it is locked and code not working?
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How do you open samsonite locked suite case?

Use the key that came with the suitcase.

Which Samsonite Carrying Case will fit the Macbook Air Laptop the best?

The Samsonite Briefcases & Laptop Bags XT780 Leather Notebook Case is great for mac books.

Which Samsonite steel case provides light weight manueverability?

The Samsonite Black Label X'Lite is a great choice for your needs.

Is there a bulletproof laptop case made by Samsonite?

There is currently no bulletproof laptop case,although there are bulletproof laptops used by the military.

How do you open a locked brief case?

How do we open the locked suitcase

How do you open a locked DVD case?

IF you mean it's been encoded for a specific region - you cant - you need to play it back on a multi-region player.

Does an 1987 Ford Ranger 4x4 have fuses for the 4x4 just stopped working and can't find out why?

Make sure the hubs are locked in, if they are manual hubs, be sure they are fully locked, if your transfer case is electronic I would check the fuse for it. Make sure you are getting power through the wires at the transfer case.

Does th eleather of the Samsonite Briefcases & Laptop Bags XT780 Notebook Case need special care?

The Samsonite XT780 Notebook Case is crafted from genuine leather. The case should be cleaned as needed with a gentle cleaner designed for leather products. It should also be treated periodically with a leather conditioner to preserve the look and feel of the real grain leather and protect against drying.

Will the Samsonite stainless steel case maintain a lightweight for carrying?

The Samsonite Durable Aluminum Exterior laptop features interior attached straps to hold you laptop in place while providing a padded enviourment avoicing damage to your computer during your travels.

Will the Sony Vaio Carrying Case made by Sony have the same reliability as a Samsonite?

Yes, both brands will provide quality products.

How do you lock a folder or brief case?

A briefcase can be locked with a combination lock or a padlock. A file can be locked with a password.

Does Samsonite make a leather computer case thin enough for the Macbook Air model?

Yes they do, it is relatively pricey at around $230 at the cheapest.