Can a notary marry a person?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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Yes, in certain states only. Three states in the union allow Notaries to perform marriage ceremonies: Maine, Florida and South Carolina. West Feliciana Parish in Louisiana also grants authority to perform marriages to its Notaries.

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Q: Can a notary marry a person?
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Can a notary who is related to you marry you?

No, a notary cannot marry you whether they are close to you or not. You can be married by a Minister/Priest or Justice of the Peace.

Can notary public marry in Kentucky?


Does the notary have to be a SC notary in marry someone in SC?

No. NC Notaries are only authorized to carry out notary duties in NC.

Can a notary from another state marry Florida residents?


Can a Florida notary marry someone in new york?


Can a notary public marry someone in the state of Wisconsin?

No, notary publics are discriminated against in the states of Wisconsin, Illinois, South Carolina, and Nevada. They can't marry anybody from those states. Google it.

What should a notary do if a person forgerd her signature?

A forged notarization, where the person claims to be a notary, should be reported to the agency that grants notary licenses and they will instruct you on how to continue. A forged signature, of a notary but not claiming to be a notary, is reported to the police.

Can a notary Public perform the marriage ceremony for her sister in the state of Maine?

Can a notary marry a family member in the state of maine

Can a Notary knowingly stamps a document knowing that the person is incoherent?

No. The whole purpose of the notary is to ensure that the person signing the document is competent and knows what they are signing. That is why a notary can not notarize a document unless the signer is in the physical presence of the notary. If a notary affixes his or her stamp to a document, knowing that the person is incoherent and does not understand the document, the notary is guilty of a felony in most states.

How can a notary notarize the signature of a person who lives out of the state?

A notary can notarize the signature if it is signed in front of them and done in the state where the notary is licensed. Where the signing person lives does not matter.

Can a notary marry a couple in the state of west Virginia?

No. A North Carolina notary public has the authority to:Take acknowledgmentsAdminister oaths and affirmationsMake verifications or proofs

Can a notary notarize a living will in Florida?

A notary can notarize any document. They are simply attesting that the person who signed it was the person they said they were.