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No there is lots of swaering and gore NO

Even the Teen rated Nintendo DS had a seven year old in tears of frustration in trying to play the game. However they still continued to play it even if they could not read any of the helpful instructions.

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The game is rated an 18.

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Q: Can a seven year old play black ops?
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Well even if not the people will still play it

Can a 11 year old play black ops?

Well they are not ment to because it's an 18 year old game But loads of younger people play it

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Can a 9 year old play call of duty black ops 2?

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Can a ten year old play call of duty black ops?

i have a friend with black ops and his 6 year old neighbor plays it almost everyday but it is recommended that you should be 17 or older but his neighbor is fine

What is the average age of black ops purchasers?

The game was made for 17+ but 10 year olds - 30 year old play the game

Can a 12 year old play call of duty black ops?

Yes i know a kid who is 11 and he plays black ops every day

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Is black ops ok for a ten year old to play if the swearing is turned off?

No, You should not let a 10 year old play, even anybody under the age of 18 years play Black ops as it's very violent and it contains strong bloody violence and strong language. "The Age Rating for this product is 18+"

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