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No, because you can't use cannons in wilderness, otherwise if you can yes they would, but only if you last long enough to survive the rev's attacks.

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Q: Can the cannon in runescape kill a reverant?
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Can you use a cannon on the nomad in Runescape?

A normal cannon No, but you can use a hand cannon at your own risk that it could explode whilst you are trying to kill him.

Can you kill pest queen using dwarf cannon on runescape?

I don't think so. Check online guides for strategies to kill the Pest Queen.

Can a cannon kill a player in RuneScape?

In the wildy you can kill others with a dwarf multi cannon for ranged and strength xp i believe. It would be effective as a bakcup plan incase you are dying in a fight. By the way, decorative cannons make no difference.

What store in RuneScape sells cannon balls?

No store in Runescape does such.

Can the cannon be used in the wilderness in runescape?

no, the cannon can't be used in the wilderness

How do you put together a cannon on RuneScape?

Click Set-up cannon stand. Your RuneScape character will automatically set up the rest.

What does reverant mean?


Can you use cannon on monster from horror in the deep on runescape?


Can you sell a cannon in runescape?

If u r talking about a dwarf cannon, then yes around 550K-850K

How do you obtain a hand cannon in RuneScape?

You can buy it on the grand exchange.

How much are cannon balls worth on runescape?

About 346 gp each.

How do you use a cannon set in runescape?

To Set up the Cannon: Just have all the parts inside your inventory, and click on the cannon base. Your cannon will set up automatically. To Load The Cannon: Press "Fire" on the cannon when it's set up.