Can wooden stakes kill vampires

Updated: 10/5/2023
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Well, it varied from place to place, and time to time. Probably the most widespread and popular choice was ash wood (which, being light but strong and springy, had always been the preference for spear shafts anyway). But in some places aspen was specified, and in a few dogwood was prescribed.


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Wooden stakes have been said to kill vampires. However, it has not yet been proven if vampires exist or not.

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Q: Can wooden stakes kill vampires
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What are dangerous for vampires?

most of the time other vampires and warewolfes Slightly bias cheerleaders with wooden stakes.

Witches with stakes in heart Salem?

Stakes through the heart is how to kill VAMPIRES not witches, so no.

What do you do when a group of vampires are chasing you?

If real vampires are chasing you, you think of what vampires hate garlic wooden stakes and day light. and if that doesn't work go to the police.

What items fend of vampires?

Garlic,wooden stakes,cross necklace,

What weapon can really kill vampires?

In folklore, weapons such as wooden stakes, silver bullets, and holy water are considered to be effective against vampires. However, their effectiveness varies depending on the story or mythology being referenced. Ultimately, the most effective weapon against vampires is often depicted as sunlight.

Why can you kill a vampire with a wooden stake?

vampires don't exist

How can you be pretected from a vampire?

Well, vampires are not real. If you believe in that stuff then, garlic, wooden stakes, and some other weird things.

Where can you buy stakes to kill a vampire?

Staking a vampire is a myth and a fictional way to kill them. In reality, vampires do not exist, so you won't be able to find stakes to kill them for sale.

Are vampires really effected by crosses?

Vampires are fictional creatures and will be affected by whatever the author wishes, but holy water, crosses and wooden stakes are the most commonly used devices to ward of a Vampire in Fantasy land. vampires are not real

What happends to Stephen in episode 17 of vampire diaries?

the vampires from the tomb totured him and tried to kill him but Damon, Elena and alaric saved him. the vampires tied him up (shirtless HOT) by the Hans and they cut him with a knife, put vervain on the ropes, stabed him with wooden stakes, squirted vervain in his eyes etc...... hope that helps.

What is the thing you stick in vampires?

According to folklore, you can kill a vampire by sticking a wooden stake in its heart.

Why vampires should avoid stakes?

Because, traditionally, stakes have been used to impale vampires to their graves and serve as a method of vampire destruction.