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sell it and buy a ps3

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Q: Can you fix the screen on the Nintendo Or do you have to fix it?
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How do you fix wii Black screen without sending it into nintendo?

You can fix Wii Black screen without sending it into Nintendo by pulling out the plugs at the back, and re inserting them.

Can you fix the touch screen on the Nintendo DS?

buy a new one

How do you plan a repair with Nintendo to fix your dent in the touch screen?

Jump off a cliff

How do you fix the top ds lite screen?

How do you fix a broken ds top screen?

If you drop a Nintendo DS how do you fix it?

If a DS is dropped and its broken, the best thing that you can do is to send it to Nintendo. It depends on how badly broken it is. If the top screen came off from the bottom screen, there is a problem, but Nintendo can most likely fix it. If the whole system burst into pieces, you are better off buying a new one. I wouldn't chance Nintendo fixing it, as there could still be problems with it.

Can you go to anyone to fix your Nintendo ds top screen?

gamestop and if they cant fix it try amazon,best buy,ect. but i recommend gamestop

Can you fix scratches on the Nintendo DS' LCD?

You can try buffing the scratches out, though you can always get a screen cover for your DS.

Did Nintendo released a screen add on for the Nintendo GameCube?

Yes, Nintendo released a screen add-on for the Nintendo GameCube.

How do you fix your broken dsi top screen?

Send it to Nintendo or another authorized retailer. It will cost 60$, but hey, its worth it

How can i Fix a Nintendo DS lite?

you probably would have to send your Nintendo ds lite to Nintendo company t fix it.

How do you fix the ds touch screen?

It depends. If the touch screen works, but isn't clicking where you want it to, then you need to calibrate it. You can do this on the Settings. If the touchscreen is not responding at all, then sorry, you need a new Nintendo DS.