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YEAH! You can get a JR (Jack Russel) in any version! Just follow these two options on getting your JR Terrier! ONE-If you have a friend with a Nintendogs game that HAS a Jack Russel Terrier, go on bark mode with him/her ( the dog HAS to be the JR!) and play with them. Afterwards, you'll be surprised! For, at the kennel, a Jack Russel Terrier has been added to your selection! (This goes for all breeds)The cost is the same price as on your friend's version! Don't have a friend with this game? Please refer to option TWO. If all else fails, then it all depends on how lucky you really are. TWO-Find a Jack Russel Book on a walk...which is extremely difficult!! But, lucky for you, I know some easy ways to find one! Step 1:You must have some experience, at least 100 trainer points.(DUH!) Step 2:You have to have a full gauge on your dog's walking stamina.(The yellow line on the left side of your screen when choosing your route; This step is optional, but it works better this way.) Step 3:Try to go on as many "?" boxes as you can! Try to get more items than a chat with neighbors...that way you have a better chance of finding a book!! ( TIP~Your dogs bark at every "?" right? Well, what some people don't pay attention to is HOW MANY TIMES your dog barks! One bark=90% possitive that it's an item! Two barks=Problably a neighborhood dog, but some say that there's a 25% rating that you could, just maybe, get an item on two barks if your lucky!!) I HOPED THIS HELPED!! ;)

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Q: Can you get a Jack Russell terrier in lab and friends?
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On nintendogs lab and friends how long will it take to find the Jack Russell book?

Its been 5 years for me.... Still no luck...

What does a Staffordshire terrier and Feist mix look like?

I have one and she looks like a lab, only a lot smaller. She is black with white markings. A cross between a Mt. Feist and a Jack Russell Terrier. She has long legs, a long torso, a curled up tail and she is a little bit bigger than a Jack Russell pure. Very energetic, super smart and friendly by nature. At 5 months old this is how she looks. Vet says she will top out at about 30 lbs.

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A staff lab cross, or a mongeral. I own a lab x staffie. He's gorgeous!

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