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Nope only stuff like slingshots, shovels, fishing rods, watering cans, Nets and an ax or axe although a gun would be usefull

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Q: Can you get a gun in animal crossing wild world?
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On Animal Crossing can you kill people with a gun?

no you cannot kill people with a gun... (i don't even think you can even get a gun on acww.

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get a gun and go boom boom. DONT KILL THE ANIMAL its is just an instint to kill stuff that moves.

How do you use the tranquiliser gun in rct3 wild?

First of all, an animal MUST be escaped, so you don't abuse the gun. Then, right-click to make it usable, then left-click to fire at an escaped animal.

Is it illegal to shoot a turkey with a bebe gun?

Hunting- no- but about impossible. A wild turkey is not going to let you get within the range of a BB gun- very spooky animals. Injuring a domestic animal? (farm turkey) Yes- that is animal cruelty.

What are the release dates for Have Gun - Will Travel - 1957 Soledad Crossing 4-38?

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What is the gun called which knocks an animal out but it is not a stun gun?

Tranquilizer gun. It shoots a hypodermic neddle that injects a tranquilizer into the animal.

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In order to capture a wild animal to tag it and perform research, one must sedate it, therefore making it semiconscious to unconscious, with a tranquilizer gun.

Is there a water gun in wild west poptropica?


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Where do you get the spud gun on wild west?

you have to become a sheiref