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when you have the lumber shed it will not show the lumber but in fact it DOES go into the lumber shed to get the lumber out press on the shed I HOPE I HAVE HELPED YOU

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Q: Can you get lumber after getting lumber shed in harvest moon?
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If you grt a golden lumber shed will it get you gold lumber on harvest moon?

no it can only store golden lumber

Were do you save wood on harvest moon magical melody?

the lumber shed is behide your house :D

What is a lumber shed used for in harvest moon ds cute?

Storing lumber which you get from chopping branches with your axe. You have to get Gotz to build one for you. Hope this helps. :)

Where do you keep your wood on harvest moon?

call gotz and ask him to make you a lumber shed then simply throw wood in it!

How do you store lumber in harvest moon ds?

First, you've gotta have a Lumber Shed. If you don't have that, get Gotz the Woodcutter to help you build one. After it is built, you can store lumber in it. You can either buy lumber from Gotz or make it yourself by chopping branches and stuffs.Hope this helps! >.< bx

How does the mushroom shed work in Harvest Moon DS?

you have to chop a piece of lumber then put it on 1 of the platforms then go to Vesta's to buy the seeds and continue as if any other crop.

How do you get a fence on harvest moon Magical Melody?

Well... in the lumber shed behind your house if you press (A) you will get a peice of wood called a 'stake' and you collect these and just drop them where you need a fence.

What is the mushroom shed in Harvest Moon DS for?


How do you get the makers in harvest moon cute?

You get a maker shed from Gotz, but you have to have both animal shed and a bird shed.

Harvest moon DS storing lumber?

You have to ask Gotz to build you a Lumber Shed, build it out of stone because n the extremely windy or snowy days there is a possibilty that it could get blown away. If possible build it out of Gold Lumber, but keep in mind it is very expensive. Hope this helps. :)

How do you make a animal pen in Harvest Moon DS?

Zoxian: Press A in front of your wood, stone, or golden lumber shed, and form a square. Or just take material from your inventory and form a square.

How do you get a matsutake on harvest moon ds?

It grows wild in Autumn. You can find it in any field. You can also grow it once you have the 'Mushroon Shed' and a Seed Maker. Just toss one or two into the seed maker, and go sow your seeds on the lumber in the Mushroom Shed.