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You can basically play anything with an alienware, that's what they were made for, playing Video Games at ultra settings.

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Q: Can you play star citizen with an alienware?
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What is a good laptop with the ability to play games?

Dell Alienware

Can you play sentence on an alienware m17?

Definitely, and at max settings to boot!

Can you play xbox games on alienware m11x?

No, but you can hook up your xbox the the laptop.

What is the best Laptop to play call of duty world at war for PC?


What is the population of Alienware?

The population of Alienware is 490.

Is alienware safe to download on xp?

I think u misunderstood what alienware is alienware is a computer not a program....

When was alienware invented?

Alienware was inveted in 2145.

When was Alienware created?

Alienware was created in 1996.

I am a student and wil use the computer for a lot of typing. I don't game on computers. should I get an alienware m11x or a mabook pro 13?

If its just for typing you would get more battery life out of a macpro. But the alienware are very very cool, and very fast if you wanted to play games... Id get an alienware.

Who used alienware first?

Alienware was created for gamers

How is Alienware organized and run?

Alienware is owned by Dell.

Is alienware a sole producer?

Alienware is run by Dell