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It evolves into Huntail.

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Q: Clampearl what does clampearl evolve into Pokemon emerald using a deepseatooth?
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What does a deepseascale do in Pokemon emerald?

The Deepseascale evolves a Clampearl into a Gorebyss. If you have a Deepseatooth your Clampearl can evolve into a Huntail YOU NEED TO TRADE YOUR CLAMPEARL FOR IT EVOLVE.

What level does clampearl evolve in Pokemon emerald using a deepseatooth?

you need to trade and then it will evolve.

What does a deepseaoorh evolve in emerald?

Deepseatooth evolves a clampearl to Huntail if you chose Deepseascale it evolves clampearl to Gorbeyss.

What does a deepseatooth do in emerald?

give it to a clampearl and trade it and it will evolve into a huntail.

What level does huntail evolve in Pokemon emerald?

Huntail evolves once you trade a Clampearl w/ the Deepseatooth attached to it.

How do you evolve a clampearl in Pokemon emerald?

By trading with held items. Have it hold a Deepseascale for it to evolve into Gorebyss, or a Deepseatooth for it to evolve into Huntail.

Is clampearl able to evolve in emerald?

Yes it can you need to trade the pokemon to a friend while it holds either an DeepseaTooth or DeepseaScale.

What Pokemon games can you get clampearl on?

Pokemon emerald Pokemon ruby and Pokemon Sapphire

How do you evolve clampearl in Pokemon emerald?

In Pokémon Emerald, Clamperl evolves as it's being traded while holding one of 2 items, the DeepSeaTooth or the DeepSeaScale. Clamperl will evolve into Huntail in the event of it holding the DeepSeaTooth and the DeepSeaScale will evolve it into Gorebyss.

How does clampearl evolve?

you need to trade with a deepseatooth or something else in ruby, sapphire, or emerald they give you another item but the deepseatooth is the one i always choose because it evolves it into huntail which is stronger than gorebyss

What does a deepseatooth do in Pokemon emerald?

I think it's supposed to evolve your Clamperl into a rarish Pokemon that you can't get anywhere else in emerald, the deepseascale evolves it into somthing else too, I don't know which is the best, but I think the tooth is better and stronger for my clamperl, plus the other one is pink and ugly, (I HATE pink, BLAH!) but that's your choice of which one you want to have. -Kainachu, a Pokemon expert ^.^ Wells... A deepseaSCALE is a hold item for your CLAMPERL that raises its SP. DEF and thee deepseaTOOTH raises your CLAMPERL's SP. ATK. - A deepseatooth when given to a clampearl and traded evolves it into a Huntail. A deepseascale when given to a clampearl and traded evolves into a Gorebyss.

Where can you find blue shards in Pokemon emerald?

underwater in the sand or on a clampearl, it has a 5 percent chance of having it so i suggest you use thief to steal it from the clampearl unless you have the time to catch 20 clampearls