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The choice of whether or not to kill Vivec is entirely your own but there are some points that should be noted.

The main plot in Morrowind is to become the Nerevarine, unite the House Dunmer and the tribes and to "cast down the false gods" (Vivec, Almalexia, Sotha Sil). If you kill Vivec you will get a message telling you that you have killed an essential character, regardless of whether the main plot is complete yet or not. Vivec is, however NOT an essential character once Dagoth Ur is destroyed. When you have killed Dagoth Ur and destroyed Akhulakhan the main plot is over and you can feel free to kill Vivec if you want to, as he has no further purpose in the game.

Should you choose to kill Vivec before the main quest is complete, there is a backdoor quest involving Wraithguard. To be able to safely equip it you must first take it to Yagrum Bagarn (the last Dwarf) in the bowels of Divyath Fyrs' Corprusarium at Tel Fyr. Finding out about this quest in the game is not easy.

With the Tribunal expansion pack installed, the plot to kill Vivec is elaborated on further with the death of Almalexia and Sotha Sil. Because of how the game works, though, he will remain an "essential" character even after he has fulfilled his purpose and you will still receive a warning message if you kill him.

NB: No-one will "reward" you for killing Vivec (Or Almalexia). In fact, most NPCs dispositions will go down if you try to tell them what happened (and they don't believe you anyway!)

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Q: Do you have to kill Vivec in Morrowind?
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Where is the vivec hlaalu plaza in morrowind?

The Hlaalu canton is the westernmost part of Vivec. To reach the plaze, head for its highest level, there should be a doorway at the top of a ramp, which leads to the plaza inside.

Weres eborn heart in morrowind?

Ebonheart is south of Lake Hairan, west of Vivec, and southeast of Seyda Neen.

What is the big floating rock at Vivec in Morrowind?

It is called the Ministry of Justice. Said to be a 'moon' that tried to strike the city, it was halted by Vivec. Now it is used as a prison for political enemies, and can only be reached by flying.

In Morrowind where is Vinces Book Shops?

"Vincent Galien is a Breton drillmaster and an apprentice of the Fighter's Guild chapter in Bravil." in OblivionThere is no Vince in Morrowind, although Lord Vivec was once misspelled Vince in The Pilgrims Path.

How do you get wraithguard in morrowind?

You get it near the end of the main quest.

Where can you find and who sells the Mark and Recall spells in Morrowind?

Mark ---------- Farena Arelas in Tel Uvirith Galero Andaram in Sadrith Mora Guls Llervu in Ald'ruhn Idonea Munia in Vivec J'Rasha in Vivec Llarara Omayn in Balmora Salama Andrethi in Tel Mora Sedris Omalen in Maar Gan Sirilonwe in Vivec Recall ---------- Eraamion in Caldera Felara Andrethi in Tel Aruhn Guls Llervu in Ald'ruhn Idonea Munia in Vivec J'Rasha in Vivec Llathyno Hlaalu in Balmora Minnibi Selkin-Adda in Vivec Rirnas Athren in Vivec Salama Andrethi in Tel Mora Salyni Nelvayn in Ald'ruhn Sirilonwe in Vivec

Where do you find Dagoth Ur on The Elder Scrolls III - Morrowind?

He's at his citadel of Dagoth Ur, at the Red Mountain, beyond the Ghostfence.

Where is Sunder in Morrowind?

To get sunder its simple, just follow the main storyline until Vivec tells you to find it and use it to kill Dagoth Ur. You can find it in Vemynal, within the Ghostfence. Dagoth Vemyn, an Ash Vampire, has it.

Does Azura's Star have to have a Golden Saint soul to enchant something with a constant effect in Morrowind?

To enchant something with a constant effect, you need at least, either the soul of a Golden Saint, an Ascended Sleeper, or the soul of Vivec or Almalexia.

How do you kill dagoth your in morrowind?

It is Dagoth Ur. He is pretty much a difficult boss fight, so kill him normally.

On morrowind elder scroll 3 you finish with the prophecies what do you do now?

If you have Moon and Star, you're named Hortator by every Great House, you're named Nereverine by every Ashlander Tribe, you've defeated Dagoth Ur, and you've killed Vivec than you have completed the main questline and you are now free to do whatever you like! In a sense, you beat the game, although you can never truly "beat" Morrowind, because there are so many places to explore and so many quests that you may not do.

Is there a morrowind osama mod that works with just morrowind?