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No you don't need it. That is the normal way to add money to your account or you can purchase the PlayStation network card and this is quoted about the card from related link:

"The PlayStation®Network Card (PSN Card) is a prepaid card that may be used to apply funds to a PlayStation®Wallet without using a credit card. Please visit your local authorized PlayStation®retailer to purchase the PSN Card."

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No. At no point is a credit card necessary. You don't enter any payment details at all when you set the account up, and you can use prepaid PSN cards if you want to add funds to your wallet.

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Q: Do you need a credit card to sign up for psn?
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Does a PlayStation plus card ask for credit card?

You need a credit card if you buy it in the PS Store, but you can go to Walmart,CVS,ETC and buy a PSN card there with cash.

How do you download a game?

If you want to download a game from the Xbox live marketplace or the PSN marketplace then you need an account, Microsoft points or for PSN a credit card. You then need to follow the on-screen instructions. If you want to download a game from your computer you need to be logged is as the administrator and a credit card (if the game costs). You then follow the on-screen instructions.

How do you buy games for the psp go?

Well you need PSN credit, and there are two ways to do this: 1. Go to a place where they sell PSN cards (GameStop), scratch off the bottom back of the card with a coin, go to PSN, on the top right of the PSN click redeem codes, input the code that the card you bought has and whatever you payed for the card you will have on PSN. 2. You can pay by credit card.

How do you put a psn card into my wallet on psn?

You sign into your account and input the Playstation Network Card Number into the redeem code box

How do you get psn money with out card?

You can add money to your Playstation Wallet if a Credit Card matching your sign on information is used. You can also add money by purchasing a Playstation Network card at stores and some online sites

Is there an online fee for using a credit card to buy psn cards?


How do you connect to psn with psp go?

you need to have internet to do that then you sign up for psn and your there

Can anyone share a psn card?

No, PSN cards can be used only once. If are from a different region and you need a PSN card that belongs to a different region since you have a different region account then you can buy the PSN card from online

Do you need a PlayStation network card to play on live?

PSN is free the cards are for DLC such as games or addons Live is the name if the Xbox internet service, Playstation is the PSN or Playstation Network and it does not have a charge to sign up. Network Cards are never needed except for purchases you want to make. Even then they are not needed, you can just use a credit card to put Money in your Playstation Wallet

What type of cards do psn accept?

PSN only accept Credit Card or Debit Card that belongs to the region in which the PSN account was created. If you have a US PSN account then you can use only US credit or debit card.This is because PSN does some background check called Address verification Check which is basically Sony checking with your card issuing bank about the address, if the address is from a different region then you will not be able to use that card for that account.Other alternative is to use PSN cards. If you are from a different region and you use a different region PSN account then the best option is to buy a PSN card online.More detail on this can be found at :

Will the ps3 ask for credit card number psn ticket?

by psn i assume you mean play station network, and no it wont as the PSN is free, however it could if you are buying something.

What do you need for playstation network?

You only need a PC or an internet-connected PSP, PSVita or PS3, with any of those you can make a PSN account, register any of those consoles, and purchase games (you'll need a source of funding for that, ie credit card or prepaid PSN card). You will of course need the consoles themselves to play the games.