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No, when I bought mine I didn't need an adult with me. They didn't even ask for ID I am 19 years old. But I'm sure since they didn't ask for ID you will be fine.

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Q: Do you need a parent with you to buy a runescape membership card?
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When do you need to buy your runescape membership card?

Once your out of membership days that's when you know you need a new one.

Do you need to pay for membership on runescape when a membership card runs out?

yes, you will have to - if you want to continue having membership benefits.

Does your RuneScape membership also work for Arcanists?

No. You need to get a separate membership for FunOrb membership unless if you got the Runescape and FunOrb Membership Pack.

What do you need to get a membership card for Costco?

do you need a membership card to get in to costco

Do you need a membership to buy a house on runescape?


How many numbers on a runescape membership card?

if your planning on guessing random numbers..this won't work, you need to have the pin activated also. there are no Code Generators, these are scams

Why do you need to put in your credit card stuff to get free membership in runescape?

Answer: It's not free membership you have to pay. DONT LISTEN ITS A SCAM! Answer: There was a special offer for one-week only membership from Jagex. (Don't try to get "free membership" - or any RuneScape membership-related stuff for that matter - from any site that is not related to Jagex. Jagex is the company that makes RuneScape.) I am not sure whether the offer is still valid. You had to present your credit card; if you didn't cancel after a week, the membership was automatically renewed - as a paid membership. In my opinion, a very poor strategy; they would have gotten much more interest in the game by just giving out a week membership for free - really free, no membership - and many of those who tried the free one-week membership would have renewed their membership, immediately, or at some later time.

Can you get RuneScape memberships cards in Winnipeg?

I don't know, but what I do know is that if you have a mobile phone you can use that to buy runescape membership for a month. So if you want to buy membership on runescape just use your or someone else phone (But you do need permission)

How do you use a membership card on moshi monsters?

If you have a Moshi Membership card then you need to enter the code from this card into the box on the Moshi Membership Card page. You will find a link in the related links below.

Can you use a stolen runescape membership card?

If you were to go to the store and just take one of the cards it would not work because they need to be activated by the cashier. Paying online with fake information will lead to negative runescape membership and a possible termination of your account. I suggest just forking out the $6.25 or whatever it costs right now.

Can you redeem a aqworlds gift card without a paid membership?

Yes. You do not need a membership to redeem an aqworlds gift card

Do you need a membership to get in the water card-jitsu in club penguin?

yes but it is expensive for membership