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Q: Does Abigail Breslin like video games?
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Is Abigail breslin in the t mobile oversharing commercial?

Umm nooo that doesnt even look anything like Abigail breslin!! Umm nooo that doesnt even look anything like Abigail breslin!!

What did her parent said about her new movie of Abigail Breslin?

The New movie of Abigail Breslin is fuekckin stoopid like dis grrl in my class

How much does Abigail breslin weigh?

Like, 100 pounds. probably 110, the most.

What is nim from nim's island name?

Nim from Nim's Islands name is Abigail Breslin. Abigail is 11, just like Nim.

Will Abigail Breslin answer emails?

yes on some of her own websites to tell some people about herself about her biograghy like her fans like she about herself will put hi everyone my name is Abigail breslin i was born April 14th 1996 in New York city united states of America she is only 14 years old she has two brothers like Spencer breslin who is 18 years old and she and her brothers live with their dad and mum kim breslin.

How did Abigail Breslin become an actress?

Her brother was an actor and his agent asked if she would like to audition for something and it continued from there.

Is actress Abigail Breslin Jewish?

Abigail Breslin is NOT Jewish. I don't know if they are Christians, but I know that they are good parents too her. Did you know that before she does a movie, her parents read the thing and decide whenever or not it is appropriate for her??? It's true!!! I'm an actress too, check out mine at Simply Mar : Home

Has Abigail breslin smoked before?

No, she doesnt smoke! Shes like 13. And if she smoked people would be talking about it, shes like famous!

Is Abigail Breslin fat?

not gonnet butter it up, yep definatly over weight( for a cleb) they try to cover it up by never showing any stomach or wearing tight clothing, just like kesha

Do goths like video games?

some video games like if there all bloody and stuff if i were a goth i would like games like resident evil What kind of question is that. I guess I am a bit goth and I LOVE video games!!!!!!

Why doesn't afraicans like video games?

Some mite not like it but that does not mean all afraicans dont like video games.

What kind of person doesnt get addicted to video games?

people who dont like video games