Does kingdra evolve

Updated: 12/12/2022
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Kingdra is the last Pokemon in it's evolution stage. Therefore, you cannot evolve it any more.

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Q: Does kingdra evolve
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When does Kingdra evolve in Firered?

Kingdra does not evolve.

How do you evolve kingdra in emerald?

Kingdra does (not!) evolve! smart one! lol

How did the Kingdra evolve in Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs?

Kingdra does not evolve further

How do get a kingdra on Pokemon Sapphire?

you have to evolve horsie into sedra then evolve sedra into kingdra.

What level does horsea evolve into kingdra in Pokemon HeartGold?

horsea does not evolve into kingdra. you have to evolve your horsea into a sedra (at lvl 32). then you have to give it a king scale and trade it to someone for it to evolve into kingdra.

How do you get a Kingdra in emerald?

you get a horsea and evolve it twice.

What does dragon scale do in pokemon indigo?

Attach it to seadra then you can evolve it to kingdra all though this item is useless because you can capture a kingdra regularly. you cant catch a kingdra regularly. just attach it to seadra make it hold it and trade seadra and it will evolve into kingdra

How do evolve seadra?

Trade it while its holding a dragon scale and it will evolve into kingdra.

How do you get kingdra in pokemon soulsilver?

Have your Seadra hold a Dragon Scale, then trade it with a friend. Seadra will then evolve into a Kingdra.

How do you get seadra to evolve?

get a dragon scale and trade and then you get your kingdra.

How will seadra evolve?

You have to give the Seadra a Dragon Scale then trade it (and back) and it will evolve into a Kingdra.

How do you evolve sedra in pokemon pearl?

You can evolve Seadra by giving it a Dragon Scale and then trade it. Seadra will then evolve into Kingdra.