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The reason that time flys when youre having fun is because when your brain is moving at such speeds it is moving near the speed of light. Because it is moving at that speed, time realitive to the speed youre moving at, it seems to go by quickly because time slows realitivy to speed.


the above answer, I think it COMPLETELY WRONG, Im no scientist but I doubt any part of any function of the brain moves at anywhere close to the speed of light. I suppose the electrical impulses that travel through the synapses in the brain move at extremely high speeds but not close to the speed of light... I read about this, the reason why time flies when youre having fun is because when youre amused (and or busy) your brain has a lot to process, and it does not concentrate on the passing of time as much as when you are bored. when you are bored your brain notices the passing of time more than when it is stimulated, which equates to a more accurate perception of the reality of the passing of time. this is evident at least to me, when im bored I watch the time more than when I am busy.

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As we get older, the years become a rapidly shrinking fraction of our total lifetime.
For a five year span, the age compared to fraction is like this:
5yrs old =1/1,
10yrs old = 1/2,
15yrs old =1/3,
20yrs old = 1/4,
25yrs old =1/5,
30yrs old = 1/6,
35yrs old = 1/7,
40yrs old = 1/8,
45yrs old = 1/9,
50yrs old = 1/10, and so on.

When we are very young, our minds becomes accustomed to future events seeming to take forever to come to pass. The way we perceive time becomes set on long. This is called subjective time. Then, as we age, subjective time slowly starts to shorten, but we don't notice it at first. However, by the time we are 40, the wait for a future event is such a small fraction of the total time we have lived that the shortened subjective time becomes noticeable. By the time we are 50, five years is only 1/10 of our total lifetime, 5 percent. And smaller bits of time are a commensurately smaller fraction of our lifetime.

A more complete explanation can be found at; . I am the author

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It can. Time perception can be changed by how conscious you are, biological maturity, and how you are feeling. For example, when you dream time can pass really quickly.

There isn't such a thing as a universal time that's the same for everyone. Different observers observe intervals of time differently.

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Q: Does time go faster when your having fun?
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