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Q: Does your son marry on harvest moon awl?
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Your son wants a sister in harvest moon another wonderful life can you get one?

The only way you can get a second child in Harvest Moon AWL is if you have the game on PS2 and have the Special Edition. The difference between the games is that you can marry Lumina. If you choose to marry Lumina you can have two kids and two kids only.

How can you get your son to marry on harvest moon DS?

Your son cant get married, he will just work on the farm.

Who does your son marry in harvest moon ds?

Nobody, your son in harvest moon DS will never grow past the teen age, get married, move away, die, or help with the farm work, no matter how long you play the game.

In harvest moon a wonderful life will your son be a farmer if you marry Celia?

If you marry Celia your child will start out wanting to be a farmer. But he can still change his mind.

How do you get your son his own room in harvest moon ds?

Unlike Harvest Moon A wonderful life and Harvest Moon Another Wonderful life, your son will always share a room with you.

In Harvest moon ds if you marry muffy what will your child look like?

Your son will Have Blond Hair, and a white suit with some blue.

In harvest moon another wonderful life what are your kids skills?

It all depends on who you marry but if you arn't sure click on your assets , family, and then your son and it will tell you!

In harvest moon a wonderful life SE what is nami's daughter like?

The daughter always looks and acts exactly the same no matter who you marry. She is a nice friendly girl. Only if you have a son your child's personality be different depending on who you marry.

What does lumina's son look like in Harvest Moon DS?

Lumina's son has brown hair and a green outfit.

In harvest moon boy and girl psp can you have a second son?

No. You can only have one child.

What happens to your son on harvest moon for GameCube once he grows up?

The Game ends.

Who cuts down that big root on harvest moon tree of tranquility?

The carpenters son.