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registration code for fifa o9

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Q: Free the last registration code for FIFA 09?
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What is the registration code and name for Lugaru?

The name portion would be your first and last name in lower case. The registration code for Lugaru would be: 8706-780-6173-8844.

What is the code to get free membership on animaljamcom?

The code for free membership varies from time to time... So basically if I post this on last year, the free membership code is going to expire. (-_-)

When did last FIFA happen?

The last one was in 2006.

Is FIFA 11 the last FIFA xbox game?

i dont think so

Why are the FIFA 12 Ultimate team servers down?

Fifa 13 coming out and fifa 12 is so last year

When was the last time New Zealand qualified for the FIFA World Cup Finals?

They last qualified for the FIFA World Cup in 2010.

When was that last time Haiti qualified for the FIFA World Cup?

The last time Haiti qualified for the FIFA World Cup was in 1974.

When did Slovenia last qualify for the FIFA World Cup?

2002 FIFA World Cup.

When did Chile last compete in the FIFA World Cup?

1998 FIFA World Cup.

Anna university registration number format?

first 3 nos denote the college code... Next 2 digits the batch ( it says the last 2 digits of the starting year eg: if a batch is 2001 - 2005 then code is 01, if it is 2002 - 2006 then code is 02) Next 3 digits denote the department code... next 3 digit your roll no in ur class (alphabetic order during te registration time then the new students will be addedd last )...

How do you find Anna university registration number?

The first four digits represent college code, next two digits are year of joining, and lastly the last three digits are the department code for the college.

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