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your probably never going to find one but if your ever making your first subscription or crown purchase you can use this code 99013-14125-14768-79224 to get 1250 free crowns.

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Q: Has anybody got a unredeemed gift card for wizard101?
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What does the wizard101 gift card give you?


How do you get a ice cat on wizard101?

Buy the gift card at Target

Does rite aid have wizard101 20 dollars gift card?


How do you become a member on wizard101?

login to the homepage at and click on my accounts and then click on update memberships OR go on to login and type in the code(if you have a gift card)

Can you give me a valid wizard101 gift card code?

You can't, because if you want to have a valid wizard101 gift card code you will either have to buy one yourself or ask someone to buy it for you, because the gift card codes are one-time use only for each card, so if one card is purchased and used, the code will be useless.

Can you please tell me a Wizard101 gift card code and make sure it isn't expired?

WikiAnswers will not provide gift card codes for online games, to get a gift card code you should buy one.

Is the griffn mount pemenet on Wizard101?

Yes, it is. You get it by purchasing the Epic Bundle Gift Card.

Can you give me a wizard101 gift card code?

flaber donkeys

What are wizard101 gift cards?

When you redeem your gift card that you can buy at wallgreens,target, walmart,gamestop, etc. you can unlock new areas of the game (wizard101) or purchase equipment and accessories for your Wizard101 characters, such as wands, treasure cards and holiday items. Each card also offers a limited edition collectible pet available upon redemption. (gamestop is the place to get the gift card that is where i got mine.)

Where can you get wizard 101 gift card codes?

To get the codes you must buy a Wizard101 card which you can find in various stores. If you would like to see the stores I suggest going on the wizard101 website.

Why is't my wizard101 gift card working?

So, you stole the card from 7 Eleven, eh? Sorry if I'm saying the wrong thing. A wizard101 gift card can only be redeemed after the clerk you purchased from activates it himself. If you stole the card or secretly copied the code on your hand then it's not gonna work because it isn't activated.

What is a really new cheat code for wizard101?

All of them expired, no "really new cheat code". The only code to get is the code you obtain when you buy a wizard101 gift card.