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you go to th bottm right hand corner and youll see a save icon

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Q: How Can you save in Sonic chronicles Dark Brotherhood?
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How do you get omega on your team in sonic chronicles the dark brotherhood?

You find the bloody robot and save the guy.

How Can you Save in Sonic Chronicles The Dark Brotherhood in nogba?

Jian999(The one who asked): Never Mind.

What are the cheats for sonic chronicles the dark brotherhood?

one is when you're in zoah colony go near a zoah brute and he will chase you slowly. Then, save your game and turn the DS(i) off.After that, reload your adventure and the zoah brute will be in that very same spot when you've reloaded the game.move him as many times as you want. you could even pile a lot of them up in a corner and get past stuff easily!!! Please add more!!!

What is sonic exes origin?

One day, sonic was trapped in his mind. talking too dark sonic. dark sonic says he will take over sonic's body one day, but of course sonic will be all sassy about it. but dark sonic choke sonic's neck. after that, tails appear out of nowhere. and dark sonic almost killed him, but when sonic had enough, he broke the glass that separated them. the fight was epic. but as more super sonic was angry, the more power dark sonic gained. then he turn into feet a way sonic. supersonic was about to lose, but he realized something. feet a way sonic was hurt. so he gave him a hug and tolled him that he understands the pain he when't though. but feet a way sonic turned against him and then sonic gotten lost in his mind, forever. then feet a way sonic turned into sonic exe. tails instantly exit out of sonic mind. when he went out, amy was there. he tolled her that he couldn't save sonic! ( to watch the video where i found it, go to youtube and search for "save sonic").

Who won Eurovision 1976?

Brotherhood of Man, representing The United Kingdom, with the song "Save Your Kisses For Me."

How do you get brothers on assassins creed brotherhood?

what you have to do is save a citizen and he/she will become apart of your assassin brotherhood.

What sersies did Sonic save Amy for metal Sonic?

On Sonic CD sonic save Amy at stardust speedway after sonic vs metal sonic race and at the end of the game when sonic defend dr.Robotnik.

Who is faster sonic or metal sonic?

Sonic. He beat Metal Sonic in a race to save Amy.

What episode does cream save sonic?

Don't you mean sonic save cream? Anywho, it's on Sonic X Episodes 1 & 2.

How do you get Sonic Heroes save?

It should save automatically.

Where does sonic save all his rings in the sonic series?

His Butt Of Course

Can you play assassins creed brotherhood after you have completed it?

yes Save