How big will a mix lab puppy get?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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Depends on that its mixed with. The average size for a purebred Labrador is 55lbs-75lbs for the females, and 60lbs-90lbs for the males. If the other breed was smaller, expect smaller, vise versa if larger.

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Q: How big will a mix lab puppy get?
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How big will a pomeranian chow mix get?

A how lab mix puppy can reach 40-70 pounds depending on a variety of factors.

What would a mastiff and lab puppy mix look like?

Like my dog who is a mastiff lab mix

If you mate a poodle and a lab will the puppy be cute?

Of course it will..That mix is called a labradoodle.

Why is my 6 month old female Lab so hyper?

Well I have a Lab mix and it is called puppy energy, take them for walks, drain out their energy.

What is a lab beagle mix puppy worth?

As much as you love it. It is not a "designer dog" It is a "mixed breed" or "mutt" Kim

I am looking to get a pug labrador mix puppy where can i get one of those?

There are actually numerous places to get a new puppy and a pug-lab mix at that. The most recommended to check is your local shelter because there are a lot of animals that need good homes waiting right now.

What lab do you get the stink bomb in big Nate?

go to sience lab press thos viles the heat on 4 mix green and yellow

How can you tell how big a puppy will grow up to be?

To determine how big your puppy will be, look at the parents of the puppy and the breed of the dog. If the parents were two different breeds and sizes, the pup will look like a mix of both parents and between the height of both the parents.

If a female 100 percent Lab is mated with a half Lab Half Golden retriever mix and the resulting litter is 8 puppies is it possible for one of the puppies to be genetically 100 percent Lab?

even do the puppy lucks like a 100 % Lab it carries the genes of his Father also

What is a designer puppy?

A designer dog or puppy means a mix. If you mix a mini poodle with a mini poodle, it is a pure bred. But if you mix that poodle with a maltese, you get an adorable maltipoo puppy. Also known as a designer puppy.

When a full blooded lab has been bred with a lab mix what lab percentage will the puppies be?

This depends on the amount of Labrador in the lab mix. I am assuming the mix is 50% Labrador. Then their puppies would be 75% Labrador.

How much does a pit and lab mix weigh?

It depends on how big the your dog is. But on average it's 32 pounds or less.