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Q: How can you get 1000000 tech points on virtual villagers the lost children?
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What is the school for in virtual villagers?

The school in Virtual villagers is to teach your children . by teaching your children they will gain more points in building, farming, researching ... etc . i found it very useful . ! :)

How many villagers can you have on the virtual villagers game on your iPod?

If you have the free Virtual Villagers: Origins on your ipod, the starting population limit is 40 when you have built all the huts. If you choose to spend tech points on raising the population limit, it will raise it to 50.

How many points do you need to use the earthquake spell in virtual villagers 5?

You need 800 points for the earthquake spell

What does science 2 do in virtual villagers 2?

It is for tech points so that you can upgrade things so that your villagers are smarter and can do more things.

How do you get tech points in virtual villagers 4?

On Virtual Villager cheats for the computer game are easy but on th iPod/IPad there's no way!

Can you customize your villagers on virtual villagers?

In Virtual Villagers 3 you can change their clothes ( If you have built the clothing hut ). Other than that there isn't any other way to customize them i am not sure but on virtual villagers 3 you can by building a clothing hut but if your villagers want clothes you have to buy them with tech points if you want to and it says how much it costs to buy more clothes on vv1 if you press f5 u can change their clothes...

How many tech points are needed to make clothes in Virtual Villagers 4 tree of life?


Is there a faster way to build things in virtual villagers 2?

All you have to do is upgrade your engineering using your tech points.

How do you build the clothing building on virtual villagers 5?

You go to tech points and upgrade cinstruction to level 2

How do you increase tech points in virtual villagers 5?

There is no game glitches that allow you to get "Instant" tech points ,but you can use Cheat Engine 6.1. It works if you know how to use it.

What does engineering 3 get you in virtual villagers 2?

Getting engineering in virtual villagers gets you a hospital, It also gets you,if you buy culture 3, you can cut the vines bye the stream.

How do you get tech points on virtual villagers 5?

To get Tech Points in Virtual Villagers 1 or 2, you need to have a villager research. Do do this, simply first click on a villager's info. Then do a check at "Research." Every time he goes to the research table he will become a better scientist, eventually a Master Scientist. Drag the villager to the research table. He will become a better scientist, help you solve things on the island, and earn you tech points. You will have to keep making him earn you tech points until you have enough to buy something with them. (You can buy things with the tech points, such as allowing villagers to harvest coconuts. Click on "Tech" for more info.) Hope this helped!